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A Worthwhile Expeirence

Doing Information Technology with Dr. Neil was a very enlightening and informative experience. With this program I was able to learn more about I.T and fully define many terms and systems. Dr. Neil makes I.T easy to learn and fun. I would recommend this Information Technology program to anyone. Thanks Dr.Neil

Jaylon Rouse

A Vast Amount of Opportunity

The greatest thing I believe makes IITAE worthwhile is the fact that it provides an opportunity for those of all backgrounds and interests. IITAE doesn’t just provide courses for Information Technology but for a large variety of other professional fields. In my opinion, IITAE is one of the best websites you will find for providing

Djimon Johnson
Student - CFBC

Thankful for the opportunity

My enrollment into the I.T program contained events that affected the very way I looked at the world and education as a whole. The lessons were extremely informative. This is where I realized that hands-on learning is the area in which effective learning takes place for me. Dr.Neil was that of a great example upon

Tavian Williams
CEMSS Teacher

My experience working with IITAE

With IITAE I was able to explore and learn so much about Information Technology. I was also able to pass the subject with excellence. Thanks Dr Neil!!

Reycarldo Herbert

An Experience To Remember

IITAE’s Information Technology course has been an amazing experience, unlike any other. Before starting the course, learning seemed lackluster, with the teachers showing no real interest. However, Dr. Neil has completely changed my perspective of what schooling is and can be. Despite the disruptive environment in which he taught, he was willing to take his

Thane Douglas
Student - CFBC

What an Experience

Over the past months, this program has helped me develop my IT skills and prepared me very well for the exams. This is the best program for IT and I would recommend anyone to do it.

Jayden Sebastian
ICCS Student

My experience working with IITAE

My experience working with IITAE Ltd was amazing it help me understand more about information technology. I have use IITAE Ltd to increase my academic performance in school. I extend a great thanks to Dr. Ricardo Neil for his continuous support. Throughout this learning experience with IITAE Ltd I really enjoyed it. IITAE Ltd is

ICCS Student

Thank you Dr. Neil

Being apart of I. I. T. A. E and having Mr. Neil as my teacher and lecturer I am definitely grateful, because of the teachers he’s that one person who stood with me to ensure I completed every last course and motivated me to do work although I’m a lazy person. He took his personal

Jordontae Johnson
ICCS Student

Kudos and thank you!

Dr. Neil went above and beyond to ensure the children were well prepared for examinations. A thorough program, extra sessions, careful attention and a keen oversight to their progress really helped them to excel. A Grade 1 received and this could not have been possible without Dr. Neil and his program. Again, thank you! Daislyn

Daislyn Sharpe


A rather interesting experience. IITAE allowed me as well as my classmates to grasp a larger understanding of Information Technology. This website as well as it’s developers, employees and Dr. Neil has taught us a lot through using the Website. The experience on IITAE will be an unforgettable one.

Kyler Sutton
Past CFBC Student

An Extraordinary Experience

IITAE has given individuals locally, regionally and internationally an exposure to all the aspects of Information Technology. My first encounter using IITAE was beneficial, because that was my first time doing an online course. However, IITAE is favorable to some people because they can stay from anywhere in the world and access the courses, instead

Shaquan Thomas
Student - CFBC

An Experience

This was one of the first e-learning websites I had interacted with and I must say it was an experience. It helped me grasp the concepts of the world’s technological studies and expanded my knowledge. Dr. Neil formulated a blueprint and made it plausible for such a platform which is known today as IITAE Ltd.

Kelesha Bertie
Student - CFBC

An Inspiration

Life has a way of teaching you vital lessons by sending the right person at the right time. Dr. Neil was the right person for me. Going through high school I never was an I.T. head, I was mostly into carpentry and building because I love to work with my hands. Graduated from one of

Khalid DeGuire
Past CFBC Student

Never Give Up

IITAE has shown me many great ideas and performance for the past few times that I’ve been follow up with the team they have truly done tremendous work in the I.T field and I pray that they do continue performing excellent for they have made the stars shine upon Saint Kitts even much more showing

Verohn Bernier
Pass CFBC Student

The road to success – Information Technology

Choosing Information Technology as a subject was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. My teacher Mr.Neil was so knowledgeable and fun to work with, I could turn to him for support with any problems I had and he would break it down for me by going deeper into the modules to make sure

Malakhi Ferguson
Past ICCS Student

If he helped change my life, he can do the same for you!

In life, teachers have the unique responsibility of shaping the lives of their students. A good teacher can teach you something that you will remember for a day, but a great teacher will teach you something that you will remember for the rest of your life. Dr.Neil is certainly that teacher whose patience, kindness, commitment,

Faith Howell
Past CFBC Student

New beginnings

Really wanted to be apart of it community after I went to college lost all hope until a couple of weeks ago I ran into my favorite IT professor. Now am back on my technology high and aiming for the sky

A'zaria St. Rose

A Professor who has impacted my life tremendously.

Dr. Ricardo Neil has been an inspiration in my life since I met him. Before I met Dr. Neil, I already had a vision for my life, however, I didn’t have a plan. This is where he became a steppingstone in my life and aided me in making some big decisions in my life and

Kedeesh Nolan
Past CFBC Student

It was worth the time

IITAE has given me significant knowledge in all areas of Information Technology, it also gave me a sense of what it is being apart of the Information Technology working world.

D'ondré Gumbs
College Student - CFBC

A Truly Dedicated Teacher In St Kitts and Nevis

I first encountered Dr.Neil in 2015 when I was in Grade 9 at ICCS. He taught me Information Technology and changed my whole perspective on the subject. I remember him saying on the first day, “I’m so glad you all choose IT because it’s the future and that’s why I’m here.

Erin Etienne
Past ICCS Student

Information Technology, The Way To Our Future…

Let me start off by saying, Dr. Neil is the best IT teacher you can ever find. He is the best at what he does, he ensures that the knowledge you gain, the lessons he teaches are for far more than just to pass an exam. Even after 3 years, I remember him telling us

Jagruti Dulera
Past ICCS Student

A True Technological Future

Choosing to be an Information Technology Student was no mistake whatsoever for me, this area of study has certainly reinforced my ability to critically think of many ways to provide a solution to oppose a real-world problem, all by the help of my lecturer Dr. Neil. There’s nothing more important to achieve the set goal

Brandon Powell
Trading and Development Company Limited - TDC

“Committed to Excellence”

When the spirit of excellence unites with humility, creativity, proficiency, and consistency success happens. Cynthia Victoria Grenyion (CVG) When I met Dr. Neil in Nevis 2012 at Charlestown Secondary School (CSS), he exuded passion and purpose as he worked with his students for them to experience success. His students learned how to discipline themselves by

Cynthia Grenyion
New Dimensions, Canada

A great Innovator

When I first met Dr. Neil I never understood why he is so dedicated to helping students and making them understand more about the ‘IT World’. Dr. Neil is one of the most patient, caring, kind, and dedicated teachers I have met. Based on my experience I thought IT was just a subject about computers

Aaliyah Paulius

My experience working with IITAE

My experience working with IITAE.Ltd was amazing it helps me understand more about Information Technically. I have used IITAE to expand my performance in school and to help me prepared myself for CSEC Examination. I would like to take this time out to thank Dr. Neil for his continuous support to my fellow classmates and

Kymisha Lewis
ICCS Student

One of Humanity’s Greatest Achievements

I am absolutely listless while I gaze at this flawlessly designed website which is a gift from the divine powers that rule this universe and other parallel universes that this website has also been created. The power of IITAE will absolutely command respect from whoever uses it. I am confident that if I live to

Hiten Anand Samtani

Information Technology and Careers

This is the day and age of technology. No matter where you look you can feel the effects of technology. Information technology and its working is one of my great passions. I am intrigued by what it takes to do everyday tasks on the computer. IT is one of those subjects that you either hate

Zaniyah Dore

A Great Program

The IITAE program has really helped me to understand more about information technology. The courses and classes have been inspiring as the information given, helped me in my CXC Examination. I have gained quite a bit of experience and knowledge for this information technological age. It was enjoyable and I have widened my knowledge of

Abigail Soleyn

Genuinely interested in the future

Mr. Neil throughout his career has proven that he is genuinely interested in the future by sharing the knowledge he has with the young people that he interacts with. He is a dreamer who encourages his students to dream big and to build as if there aren’t any limits. This is truly a testament to



Dr. Neil is an innovation advocate and a superb lecturer with a history of positive student outcomes. His subject matter expertise in information technology is without question. I certainly endorse this initiative.

Dr. Tamu Browne
Innovative Education and Training Solutions and Coaching by Tamu

Satisfied with your classes

I would recommend your school to others as I have experienced great professionalism from IITAE. I find the school to be looking out for all classes of person and is considerate to others especially those of other faith. My daughter could not attend on Saturdays and provision was made for her to attend on Sundays

Venetta Soleyn
All and V property Rentals

My experience working with IITAE

IITAE has been an educational pathway I have used to better my computer and technology skills and widen my understanding of the growing technological world. I have use IITAE’s extensive courses to increase my academic performance in school and for future use. This website has been a convenient means of preparing me for my CXC

Yohance willett
ICCS Student

Impactful, Prodigious and Inimitable

Impactful, prodigious and inimitable are the words that instantly come to mind when I think of IITAE. I have had the privilege of ‘the front row seat’ in the development of this genius idea from the days when it was called csecsuccess.com and computerlearningez.com. Dr. Neil and his team of brilliant innovators have shifted the

Mrs. Michelle-Ann Neil
ICCS Teacher

A One of a Kind Opportunity

IITAE has allowed me to grow gradually as I have begun my journey into the real world. Adapting to the responsibilities of an instructor, a mentor, a leader, is no small feat by any means but I will now allow the weight to hold me down. Just one more milestone to conquer in my life’s

Shamar Pemberton

New Experience and Exposure

Experience IITAE provides the opportunity to work with knowledgeable colleagues who are enthusiastic about web designing and education training in the Caribbean. It is an honor to me that I am able to be a part of IITAE. It seems like it was yesterday that I started working with these new friends of mine and

Christina Cho

Great Experience

IITAE is the epitome of true professionalism and excellence. For the past year, my son was enrolled in 2 subject areas and it was a rewarding experience. There was a genuine interest in the students’ progress and they truly demonstrated what is meant by ‘no student left behind’. I would highly recommend the IITAE for

Sharmyn Powell

Presentation for Summer Job Attachment Program 2019

Dr. Neil was invited to do a presentation on the proper use of technology in the workplace. Incorporated throughout his session were motivational bits and pieces that allowed for the participants to really engage and understand the messages he was portraying. His session was very informative and his style of presentation was interactive, dynamic and

Vijay R Harrinarain
Nevis Department of Youth

A great experience with IITAE Ltd.

I enjoy working and learning with the team at IITAE. I receive quality guidance and customer service when I have queries. The team is professional, knowledgeable, and ready to assist. If you are looking for a positive online learning experience with qualified and experienced providers, make IITAE your first choice.

Ionie Liburd Willett

My experience working with IITAE can only be described as sensational

My experience working with IITAE can only be described as sensational. IITAE transforms the narrative way of learning in the Caribbean region by offering more visual-based lessons as opposed to text-based. Under the guidance of the institution’s exceptional CEO, I have learned several IT and professional skills. IITAE is an exceptional organization and it will

Tairique Davis

Truly the Academy of Excellence!

Truly the Academy of Excellence! IITAE provides easy to learn courses as they are visually available instead of being text-based. Working with IITAE has been a great experience of expanding my knowledge in different Information Technology fields, learning other professional skills and working with dedicated individuals.

Mac-keda Smith

The vision employed by my mentor and CEO

When I was offered the opportunity to help build the first online institution in St. Kitts and Nevis, I accepted without a second thought. The vision employed by my mentor and CEO is unmatched as we strive to create a platform that helps each of our users. The team at IITAE is also amazing. Their

Zhavier Shaw

Working alongside my fellow instructors in the rapid development of IITAE has been such a thrilling experience

Working alongside my fellow instructors in the rapid development of IITAE has been such a thrilling experience as I know that through this website I’m one of many people investing my time into youths and adults alike obtaining an easily accessible education for CSEC Exams as well as assisting others in receiving new skills through

Abion Stevens

Pioneering E-Learning Platform

My experience working with IITAE can be summed up in one word; phenomenal. It has granted me the opportunity to learn about various topics related to Information Technology and professionalism. It has truly been an honor to work alongside a group of innovative individuals led by a persistent CEO. IITAE is a pioneering company and

Oksana Isaac


Something I would say about I.I.T.A.E? It is Mind-blowing, it allowed me a person from a third world country to come onto such an amazing website that allowed me to learn anything information technology-wise from Microsoft Office to Coding in programs along with how to have a professional and technical view of topics about Information

Jamal Caesar

It’s really great how easy the IITAE website is to maneuver

“It’s really great how easy the IITAE website is to maneuver. Working with IITAE as an inspiring Information Technologist enhances growth and further knowledge in the IT field. Also, It’s almost like being in a college classroom, without having to actually be there. Just choose a course, click play, and start learning. It’s so simple.”


IITAE, best e-learning I’ve done!

I love the way the new site operates and the design, all the way down to the color scheme. This form of doing schoolwork actually felt a lot better for me becuaes it’s on ME even more now if I want to pass. I’ve grown to get accustomed to using this site and I have

Naeem Richardson

IITAE is a true game changer!!

IITAE has been a tremendous educational platform that thrives to empower students’ successes and engagements. I find that it’s very fast, convenient, and most of all user-friendly. The IITAE website has been extremely helpful for me in particular since its fully stocked with all the required books I needed to tackle my CCNA courses in

Kareema Wilkinson

The first step into an amazing future

After all my time spent with IITAE I think that this is the way into a more efficient and effective future in the field of academic excellence. The courses given here along with the wonderful lecturing system and the notes and assignments given as well, once taken seriously by an individual who is determined to

Lemuel Chiverton
Black Arts Media

Unforgettable Experience

IITAE has definitely improved my experience as a technical student at the CFB college by a tremendous amount. I have been able to inform myself on various topics and greatly expand my knowledge in the technological world I wish to go into. Thanks to the aesthetic and ergonomic feel of the website, I have been

Mickron Stephens

Top-notch instructors!

Dr. Neil has been one of the main reasons why I have chosen to major in a tech related field like Computer Science. He has opened up a lot of what Information Technology has to offer and has pushed his students to excel in this field. His thorough understanding of Information Technology and willingness to

Verna Aquino

A Vast Amount of Opportunity

The greatest thing I believe makes IITAE worthwhile is the fact that it provides an opportunity for those of all backgrounds and interests. IITAE doesn’t just provide courses for Information Technology but for a large variety of other professional fields. In my opinion, IITAE is one of the best websites you will find for providing

Djimon Johnson

Great results

Thanks to mr neil i have passed Information technology with flying colours

Ahkeel Nelson

An Unprecedented E-Learning Experience

In these times where schools and educational environments are filled with uncertainty, Skills Academy has created stability in students’ lives through this ingenious and innovative E-Learning platform. Skills Academy stands in an arena on its own with the courses, customer support and ease of use it possesses. It is truly an unprecedented experience fit for

Jermellia Henry

Excellent Site

This site is quite innovative. It has many helpful features that cater to the needs of students. It is also quite easy to operate. I highly recommend!!

Chereece Antoine

Ticket to success

This platform has come a long way the speed is absolutely incredible. The team has done a astounding job, with the website!

Kajuan Samuel

Way before his time

DR Neil is an innovator and is way before his time with creating this website Thank you Dr Neil for allowing me to use this platform

Ahkeel Nelson

A Good Website

This website has been helpful during the couple months I have used it. This is a huge privilege.

Andrew O'Connor

Effective Learning Platform!

During the pandemic this website has impacted my learning effectively by helping me stay connected with my teachers and classes. I am thankful for this experience and it is appreciated.

Chadene Allen

Developed Site

This sight is very efficient and has helped me through the school term

Matthew Hodge

Very good site

This site was well used when there was a pandemic

Adrian Amritt

Easy to use Platform

Due to Covid-19 our learning experience has been affected drastically, but thanks to this site we have been able to catch up properly

Naeem Moore

Very Good Site

I have been using this site for 2 months and it has been very good. Its a very good site for school.

Shemuel Simpson

best online platform

I have been using this platform for 2 months it has been very reliable and easy to work

Chetroy walters

Best Website

I have been using this website for 2 months and I think it really benefits me and others as well.

Cadeen Allen

Effect Online Learning

IITAE is a very effective and fast online learning platform. Which has helped in many ways during this global pandemic.

Stara Isaac

ICCS Platform

The IITAE is very helpful and easy to access. When the outbreak occurred and we all had to stay home it has been very useful to access my live classes and do my work. this is useful and easy platform to work Jaheal.S Immaculate Conception Catholic School

Jaheal Salters

Easy Access For Online Learning

IITAE is an easy and fast accessible learning platform. It provides me with interesting lessons that can be completed at any hour of the day.

Jewel Smith

Easy Platform For Learning

The IITAE platform is amazing I have only been using it for months now and it helps me a lot with my school work . Kiara Allen

Kiara Allen

an effective learning platfrom

I’ve been using the IITAE platform for months now and it’s a very effective learning platform. Geraldine Rodriguez

Geraldine Rodriguez

Most reliable Educational platform

Due to the Covid-19, quarantines and lockdowns. I have been put to use the most reliable, educational, easiest and amazing platform.

Zhenqing Li

The Best Platform for Learning

This platform is suitable for everyone and is the easiest way to learn and communicate with each other

Cadeen Allen

Amazing e-learning Platform

Due to Covid-19, We have been put onto this excellent learning platform. It has helped me through this pandemic its makes online education easer.

Jahmarli Morton

Immaculate Platform

This platform is very smooth, organized and easy to use it has helped me access my live classes and courses easily and I recommend this site to any future students.

James Warner

The easiest platform for learning

IITAE is a very fast and smooth platform that is easy to understand and use. I’ve only used it for a few weeks and I understand it very well. Its an Amazing platform to use.

Kasey Vaughan

Best online learning platform

I’ve been using this site for a while and it’s amazing. It is very helpful, fast and has very good customer support. I recommend you to use this site for your online learning. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Jamari Ferdinand

An Amazing Platform For an Efficient Learning Experience

The IITAE platform provides an easy access to a learning experience. So far I am impressed about the efficient and organized learning area. This website has made my tasks much easier to succeed… Highly Recommend for others!

Shakira Browne

Easy to use e-learning platform

This platform has been improved from the last IITAE platform. This platform is a very effective, fast and easy to use compared to the last one.

Huanqing Li

Easiest Platform

I’ve been using IITAE for a month now but it feels like I’ve been using it for years. this site is so easy to use and understand. I love it!!!!

Aidan Brisbane

Amazing platform

The IItae is a amazing fast accessible learning platform.
That children and parents have a easy accessible though the platform and learning academy.
This website is amazing and fast too learning information.

Anthony Li

The Stairway to Success

Due to Covid-19, We have been put onto this excellent learning platform. It has helped me through this time to connect with my teachers and continue my education. Please continue to update the website and I highly recommend to others.

Yhaneal Sturge

The Site that helps out future

Covid 19 has made us unable to consistently learn and progress the skills academy learning platform has help progress in our academic future, the site is simple and effective and my top recommended learning site to use.

Ephraim George

The Definitive Learning Experience

Learning on the Skills Academy platform has enabled by to progress in my education during the Covid-19 pandemic. With its smooth performance and helpful staff. I was able to effectively and efficiently.

Jaylon Rouse

An Easy Access for Learning

The IITAE platform does an excellent job with its easy accessibility towards its users and provides an organized learning area. This website has made my tasks a lot more easier to do.

Avishai Finch

The Effective Learning Platform

The IITAE is an effective and made easy learning platform. This LMS is quite user friendly and easy to navigate. This website has also made learning much easier.

Aushi Fleming

The passport to the future

Due to the global pandemic,Covid-19. THE IATE This website served as an important learning platform for me. The simplicity of this site has made learning for me not only easy but also fun. This site has heightened my knowledge on technology and i would highly recommend others to use it.

Saeed Richardson

Excellent Platform

IITAE is an excellent platform that I’ve been using for a while and it helps me understand and learn more about my courses which can assist me in my future career.

Echud Dolphin

The IITEA Platform!

The IITAE is a professional , organized and easily accessible platform that provides its users with many benefits regardless of their area of study. I believe that this platform would be a great experience to anyone who would sign up. I would recommend IITAE to all of my friends!

Stephon Dasent

Comfortable Learning Platform

This website has a well organized layout that allows easy navigation. Thanks to this, my learning experience has been enhanced which I am grateful for.

Daniel Thompson

Easy Access

This website is easy to use and gives you a clear understanding on what you are supposed to do. I highly recommend IITAE.

Kymisha Lewis

An Amazing Learning Platform

IITAE’s website provides me with the opportunity to learn about the Information Technology field by providing interesting lessons that can be completed at any hour of the day. I found the site easy to navigate and very interactive since the first day of using it.

Zeidan Bass

A Productive learning portal

This website is a greatly organized website and very beneficial towards online classes and providing notes. IIAE LMS Portal also provides us with quick access to the given courses to complete. I am thankful for this experience and it is appreciated.


Learning made simple

This webpage is simple to access and provides a clear overview of what you should accomplish. It has made learning and understanding information a lot easier for me as a student.

Zeshawn France

Great Learning Platform

I been using IITAE for a while now and it is a wonderful place for me to learn and study

Tyrone Matthew

Cutting Edge and Stylish

IITAE has a platform like no other and it makes e-learning
much more accessible and user friendly. Finding your courses that you desire couldn’t be easier and the community is welcoming and caring!

Jayden Sebastian

Amazing Platform

The IITAE platform is an excellent addition to my college experience as it allows me to learn from anywhere and at any time. The platform is easy to use, feature-rich and enables me to learn at my own pace.

Jeadon Hodge

Remote Learning Is The Future!

As technology advances, it has become more accessible to the wider public. Remote learning has emerged as one of the primary benefits, which plays an important role in the advancement of our youth. This site facilitates such advancements, and I am thankful for its existence, as it has assisted me in reach my goals.

Tristan Hodge

A Great Learning Experiences

I am happy to be a part of the IITAE’s Technology because it helps me to learn more about technology and it is easy for me to go to the IITAE’s website and read more information that can help in pursuing my goal.

Anika Huggins

Great Online Learning Experience

I have been using IITAE for quite some time now, and I can say it is nothing but the BEST! This LMS has been a savior to the students of St. Kitts and Nevis during the Covid-19 pandemic. The easy navigation made it much less strenuous to transition from traditional in-person learning to online learning.

Malyka Howell

Easy To Use

This website is very easy to navigate and has a clear outline on what you are supposed to do. As a student it has made learning a lot more easier.

Janella Belle

Effective Learning Platform!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this LMS platform has enabled me to learn and study in the comfort of my own home. It simulates physical schooling and it is user-friendly! I have achieved greater standards with the help of this website as well!

Michelle Hutchinson

A great tool for learning

IITAE’s website is a superb learning tool whether it be for every day learning or just for picking up a skill. It has user friendly layout that is quick and easy to use. Navigating through the site is fairly quick and when it comes to the courses everything that you need there displayed pleasantly

Kalique Bennett

Amazing Experience

I am very grateful to those who put the time and effort into developing this site it is nothing less than phenomenal. All my class notes and my assignments are easily accessed in just the click of a button the interface is very user friendly and the security measures that is used to ensure the

Ephraim Manning

Learning Made Easy

As someone trying to further their education I consider this site a blessing. Thanks to this platform learning during a pandemic was made quite easy. It has put my mind at ease knowing that I have access to all the right information and materials that I need for the courses that I’m interested in.

Asaskia Hendrickson

A Wonderful Experience

This site has been a wonderful experience. Having been a user for quite a while IITAE has been an easy alternative for both learning and studying, Informations Technology. I would also like to thank Dr. Neil for his help and guidance.

Daundre Emanuel

To A Better Future In the Tech Feild

This site offers many technological information and is a great way of learning about Technology in the modern age. The site has will without a doubt help you to advance in this field. It also opens up many opportunities in the technological field.

Alsean Hendrickson

A Great Experience

Easy to use, great service and well organized. If it wasn’t for IITAE I would not understand my lessons and to gain good grades. Excellent service all the way, from start to finish. keep up the great work!

Viquanna Edwards

“An Unforgettable Learning Experience”

This site has provided me and many other students and teachers with the opportunity to experience hands on learning from the comfort of our homes or anywhere on the go. This site provides me with the ability to learn about many different programs while at the same time supplies me with unlimited knowledge.

Drucianna Francis

Kayla Mallalieu

This site has served as an amazing online learning platform. It has helped me tremendously with my courses these past years. The simplicity of the site has made for an easy and seamless transition into e-learning. I have had nothing less of great experience while using this site.

Kayla Mallalieu

Best Learning Experience

Using this user-friendly learning platform has without a doubt been the best online learning experience. IITAE provides all required material for CFBC courses and gives you the opportunity to learn more courses at any level.

Johann Boston

An Amazing Learning Experience

Thanks to the site and the help of Dr. Ricardo Neil I have been able to pass my CXC examinations. The site is very easy to use and it provides you with all the information needed for passing each course and more.

Anthony Fraites

My honest review

This site allows me to be able to access and learn valuable information on my own time with ease. It has also reduced the need for books and increased the simplicity of my learning with the informative information layout and user-friendliness. I have not experienced any difficulties as yet so I would easily recommend this

Carlyon Jones - Armour

Time Efficient Learning

I have been using IITAE for a while now. It is a very effective site. I am currently studying Information Technology with Dr. Ricardo Neil as my lecturer. Learning with IITAE is very time efficient. It has all the information and study materials you need. IITAE has by far been the best learning platform I

J'Dcea Liburd


This site has helped me passed my college courses. If it wasn’t for this site’s recourses and information I would have had a slight problem trying to complete my assignments.

Ronaldo Dias

An Amazing Learning Platform

For the year and half I have being using, the site I found it is easy to use and navigate. All the teaching materials are nicely organized and overall the site is amazing.

Zahara James

Learning Made Easier

IITAE has been a great place for me to learn.

Aeja Clarke

A great online learning experience.

I have been using IITAE for quite a while now, and I can say it is nothing short of a blessing and a masterpiece. This LMS has been a savior to the students of St.Kitts and Nevis during the chaotic Covid19 episode all around the world. The website is very easy to use firstly and

Mariqa Cumberbatch


This website was very useful & easy to use , it helped me tremendously for my exam . I would also have to thank Dr.Neil for his imparting his knowledge on to us & his guidance , he is a great teacher and with him you definitely succeed.

Amira Richardson


Dr Neil I wanna thanks you for all your hard work you put in with us during the time we spent together as a class , teaching us an helping us to become better in the field of I.T i truly appreciate it 💯🤙🏽

Kurt Hunkins

Thank you

Thank you Mr.Neil for taking the time out to each me IT I really appreciate and I’m grateful for having a teacher like you.

Thank you

IITAE guaranteed my pass for CXC

This website helped me out so much during the pandemic and had a huge part to play in my CSEC result. It was very easy for me to learn how to use. This website and Mr. Neil together make for a guaranteed pass.

Rachel Owen

IITAE’s wonderful online learning experience!!!

IITAE is a wonderful e-learning platform that has helped me exceedingly pass in Information Technology and Electronic Document Preparation and Management. My teacher Dr. Ricardo Neil has greatly helped me to achieve my goals and for that I say thank you. Dr. Neil is a dedicated teacher who insures that his students understand and grasp

Shania Bidder

Thank You

“As a past student in the Immaculate Conception Catholic School I feel I have attained a strong foundation in Information Technology which has equipped me with the skills to learn any emerging technologies. My teacher, Mr. Neil, has been generous with his time, supporting me in my classwork as well as extracurricular opportunities. My classes

Ariel Browne

Thank you!!

IITAE is an amazing online platform which helped me tremendously before and during the pandemic and with the help of Dr Ricardo Neil , it was a guaranteed pass. He dedicates his time to teaching and is so understanding about everything. Thanks for everything!

Amy Kumar

My Experience at IITAE

I passed EDPM with a grade 1 thanks to IITAE website. I am truly grateful for the knowledge I acquired here thanks to Dr Ricardo Neil and Ms Aaliyah Paulius. This website was so helpful during the time of this pandemic. #Guaranteed passl

Reycarldo Herbert

Thank you!

During the covid 19 outbreak the IITAE made it possible and easy to continue my education through e-learning which resulted with a guaranteed pass for my Information Technology CSEC examinations. Dr Ricardo Neil made it as easy as possible to adjust the new online platform without complications.

Thalia Rogers

A Guaranteed Pass For CSEC

With the use of this website and classes with Mr. Neil passing the Information Technology CXC was no problem. I would definitely recommend 100%!

Jahzara Greene

An Amazing Learning Experience

If it wasn’t for this site, I wouldn’t have passed my Information Technology CXC examination. It provides the necessary materials you need for each course and gives you the opportunity to learn more about different programs that are out there. I am really thankful for Dr. Ricardo Neil and also being able to be apart

Amelia Kumar

My amazing experience with IITAE

Learning with IITAE has been very inspirational to me. I had limited amount of knowledge on the subject Information Technology but Doctor Ricardo Neil was patient enough to deal with me and explain everything, that even to this present time after the exam was over I was still going over and practicing everything I have

Asha Browne

Best learning experience and well Appreciated!

I want to thank Dr. Neil so much for his continuous support and also being the greatest teacher I came across. I’ve learned lot from doing Information Technology at CFBC TVEMS. Not only in the work but it also helped me personally and to be a bit more out spoken and confident. I don’t think