What is a Registration Class Code?

This is a code that is generated by the teacher of the class or a class. This code is used to place the students in their respective classes.

This is an example of how a teacher’s profile looks with his or her classes assigned.

Class code for registration

This is where you place the selected course code.

Where to place your class access code

Teacher’s courses assigned to his or her account

An example of courses assigned to a teacher’s account.

Teachers Generating Class Codes

The teacher is required to generate a code for the student’s class, for the student to access the code.

Example of courses assigned to a group. The student who uses the code will have access to all the courses in the class or group.

Invalide or Exspired Codes

This is when the code is entered wrong or this code is overused. The instructor or teacher is required to generate another code for the learner/students.